Wetland friendly living

We know that huge changes are needed to address the climate and biodiversity crisis, yet there are small things we can all do to keep our wetlands and our wildlife healthy.

What can I do?

From being smart about what goes into your water supply to making your own mini-wetland at home, here are some ideas and advice to help.

Helping the environment

Saving water in the home and garden

One of the best ways you can help wetlands is by cutting down on your water use.

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Six things to keep out of the water supply

Help reduce pollution by being careful what you flush away.

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Advice on plastics

Reducing plastic pollution is something we can all do together.

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Helping wildlife

The best food to give ducks, geese and swans

Discover some healthier alternatives to feeding bread.

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What to do if you find an injured or young waterbird

Follow our advice on how to help an injured or young waterbird.

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