Shelduck cam

The WWT Martin Mere shelduck family have left the nest!

Out into the big wide world

On the weekend of 18th June, our shelduck mother hatched out all eight of her eggs. Shelduck like to nest in old rabbit burrows or tree holes, and it proved that this nestbox is a perfect replica.

Dad is colour marked, he’s lime V7 ringed at Martin Mere on Nov 2019. Mum is unringed.

The parents will now be showing their ducklings the big wide wetland world and likely will join forces with other shelduck families, forming creches of dozens of ducklings.

Our webcam will shortly be moved to another wetland spot, so check back soon!

Support wetland wildlife

This camera and nestbox was made possible by the generous support of WWT members and players of People’s Postcode Lottery.

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