Wildlife photography

Amazing subjects up close

Wetlands are filled with wildlife each season. Their wide, open spaces, watery reflections and spectacular light create the perfect conditions to practice your nature photography skills.

At our wetland sites you can get incredible shots of some of the most threatened wetland wildlife in natural settings, either through our comfortable hides on the reserve or closer encounters with our resident birds, mammals and amphibians.

Some of the largest populations of wild waterbirds in the UK, including waders, ducks and geese and huge flocks of over-wintering species.

Dramatic and fascinating wetland species from around the world that are kept for conservation purposes, including flamingos, Hawaiian geese, storks and

Buzzing bees, prowling dragonflies and colourful butterflies and moths abound on lush plant life, fungi and flowers.

Viewing facilities

Thanks to our excellent hides, towers and observatories, you can capture breath-taking wildlife spectacles and behaviours, such as courtship rituals, feeding young and preening.

Viewing facilities include a range of water-side hides, offering a variety of shot levels, close up opportunities, and some with a selection of bird watching equipment, to take advantage of the action right in front of your eyes.

For the best times to spot wildlife and local insider knowledge, find your wetland centre and visit the sightings pages for the latest.

Some of our centres also run photography workshops throughout the year. Find your wetland centre and visit the 'What's on' page to find out more.

Find your wetland centre

Something different to capture every season

There’s always something to photograph at our sites, 364 days a year.

In spring and summer, capture baby birds and animals taking their first steps, summer migrant birds arriving, species emerging from hibernation, birds displaying and much more. Autumn and winter bring awe-inspiring natural spectacles. Huge flocks of geese and swans arrive from the Arctic to shelter in our wetland landscapes over the winter.

Taking photos in our wetlands

We hugely encourage photography at our sites, but photography is permitted on site for personal use only. All commercial/stock library photography, filming, recording, etc. must be agreed in advance with the site. Please get in touch via your chosen site’s contact information for any commercial filming or photographic enquiries.