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Donate today to secure Sir Peter Scott’s legacy and help us complete Slimbridge 2020. When you donate to Slimbridge 2020 the National Lottery Heritage Fund will quadruple your gift.

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Every £1 you give is worth £4 to Slimbridge 2020. There’s never been a better time to show your support for wetlands and wildlife.

Inspire existing and future generations

When our founder Sir Peter Scott first determined to transform Slimbridge into a nature reserve, he wanted visitors to discover their own love of wetlands and the species that live there. Today is no different.

Slimbridge 2020 will bring people of all ages even closer to this amazing world – igniting their passion and inspiring them to go on to care and protect it for generations to come. If the conservation pioneers of tomorrow are to follow in Sir Peter Scott’s footsteps then we must build on his incredible legacy. All it takes is your support today.

Inspiring a new generation

Help us in our final push to complete Slimbridge 2020

Duck Decoy

In Victorian days, the duck decoy was a way to catch ducks to eat – but under Scott’s leadership it became a chance to study water birds for conservation.

Arctic Adventure

Brr! We may think of the Arctic tundra as a cold and barren landscape. But many of the birds who migrate to Slimbridge start their journey in the frosty north.

Scott's Goose Challenge

Do you know your lesser white-fronted goose from the European white-fronted goose? Find out on Scott’s Goose Challenge and spot one of the rarest geese to visit the UK.

Scott House

Embark on a voyage back in time to the very place where Scott honed his vision to preserve and protect our wild wetland landscape.

Estuary Tower Hide

Spotting wildlife is an unforgettable experience, and our fully accessible Estuary Tower Hide will give you panoramic views of our winter flock of geese, swans and wading birds.

Severn Estuary Walkway

Discover wild Slimbridge on our nature reserve and explore our natural inter-tidal salt pasture by taking a wander along our Severn Estuary Walkway.

Mission Possible

When Sir Peter Scott first heard about the Nene, this extraordinary creature was on the brink of extinction. But a huge conservation effort meant this rare bird has made a remarkable comeback.

Living Wetland Theatre & Waterscape Aviary

Watch birds fly overhead, and learn how they adapt to their natural wetland homes from our 380 seat open air theatre. As well as demonstrations, there’ll be films and talks to enjoy.

Your gift will quadruple in value

Help complete the final phase so future conservation pioneers can follow in Scott’s footsteps. Act now so future conservation pioneers will safeguard our wetlands for everyone.

Your support is absolutely vital. So please act now – make a donation and be part of the final phase of this amazing project. Make sure that future conservation pioneers can follow in your, and Sir Peter Scott’s, footsteps. Remember, whatever you generously donate will be quadrupled!

Every £1 you give is worth £4 to Slimbridge 2020 with a helping hand from the National Lottery Heritage Fund.