Spoon-billed sandpiper appeal

By supporting our ark population in the UK and headstarting programme to help spoon-billed sandpipers breed in the wild you are helping to buy time for the whole species. Time which WWT and our partners can use to continue conservation work on the ground.

Because the spoon-billed sandpipers’ fate still hangs in the balance.

We need to buy them as much time as we can.

  • £15 could buy vet supplies keeping one spoonie chick safe from infection
  • £30 could buy a heat lamp, helping four chicks stay warm
  • £50 helps run our All Terrain Vehicle, covering the distances needed to find the wild eggs in Russia
  • £100 would help build a headstarting aviary, protecting the spoonies until they are ready for release
  • A bigger gift of £250 could buy the chicks’ first home, a ‘Brooder’, creating the perfect conditions for their start in life

Together we can save the spoon-billed sandpiper from extinction!