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Join our exclusive community of Life Members today and help create a brighter future for vital wetland habitats and the nature that relies on them.

There’s something special about seeing a wetland through all the seasons. Watching it explode with summer sound and colour it’s hard to believe it’s the same place. A Life Membership gives you the unique perspective of watching a wetland not only through the changing seasons but over the years too. Summer is the perfect time to start your journey of a lifetime.

How you’ll be helping

Crucially, the unswerving support of our Life Members allows us to plan and commit to essential conservation work for wetland habitats and species most at risk.

With freshwater wetlands only covering 1% of the earth’s surface but 40% of species relying on them, we cannot underestimate the scale of work and time needed to ensure the survival of these life support systems.

A WWT Life Membership supports the long term, essential work we need to do to save wetland habitats and the threatened and declining species that rely on them. This can mean the difference between survival and extinction. Our watery places aren’t just vital for wildlife but for you too, we now know that spending time in wetlands can give you the feel-good benefits essential to your wellbeing.

Over half of freshwater and wetland species in the UK are declining in numbers, with 13% at risk of extinction

90% of freshwater wetland habitats have been lost or destroyed in England in the past 400 years

Spending time in blue spaces, like wetlands, may benefit your wellbeing more than being in green spaces

Why you'll love being a Life Member

Unlimited entry

You can visit us throughout the year. Fulfilling Sir Peter Scott’s ambition, our ten wetland sites are accessible to every wildlife enthusiast. As a life member you’re welcome to bring a family guest each time you visit, so you can share your favourite wetlands and wildlife spots.

Membership pack

You’ll receive your pack through the post, including exclusive information about our conservation work and wetland centres, plus a gold WWT pin badge to show your membership status.

Waterlife magazine

Each issue is responsibly produced and includes our latest news and stories, in-depth features, wildlife spotter guides and wetland activities for the whole family.

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