By leaving a gift in a will, you could help tomorrow’s conservationists ensure that the world’s wetlands and its species are around for future generations.

Gifts left in wills have helped WWT save wetlands and their wildlife for over 70 years. When it comes to protecting wetland species across the globe, WWT are experts. Here are just some examples of the work we’re doing today thanks to gifts in wills.

Saving the spoon-billed sandpiper

In the wild, only three out of every twenty spoon-billed sandpiper eggs survive until adulthood.

With less than 200 spoonie pairs left in the world, WWT’s conservation team is working to reverse this trend through ground-breaking conservation: headstarting.

Thanks to gifts in wills, our team has travelled to the birds’ breeding ground in remote arctic Russia. Collecting, incubating, hatching and hand rearing the eggs, the team have worked painstakingly to give the birds a headstart in life. By only releasing the birds when they’ve fledged, we have seen an increase in the number of fledglings by 20%. An increase which has been made possible by the kindness of gifts in wills.

“Supporting WWT is my way of giving something back! As a child my grandfather took me every week to feed two mute swans who were nesting by a local dam. From that moment my love for swans and other birds grew. Over the years my husband and I have enjoyed many happy times at various WWT Wetland Centres and have always been very impressed with the ongoing conservation and education work. I want to know that when I am gone I am helping WWT to continue their work and that birds we love such as nenes do not become extinct!”

Margaret Ireson

Inspiring future generations

We want everyone to have the opportunity to explore wetlands and their wonderful wildlife. By providing our visitors with unforgettable experiences we inspire them to protect these amazing places.

Our sensory garden at Castle Espie wetland centre was only made possible thanks to a generous gift from a visually impaired supporter. This amazing outdoor space offers a fun and safe environment where everyone can access and engage with nature. From the sound of running water and birdsong to the scent of wildflowers and the feel of springy moss underfoot, it’s a delight for all the senses.

"I’ve been a member of WWT for many years. I really enjoy visiting Slimbridge Wetland Centre, as it’s such a beautiful place. I love bringing my granddaughter and taking her on the canoe safaris. It’s almost like joining the ducks and swans in their own habitat and at their own level where you can gel with them and appreciate their world a little bit more. I hope that my gift can make a difference in helping ensure places as beautiful as Slimbridge remain for generations to come."

Kenneth Dunn

This is just a snapshot of what gifts in wills made in the past have made possible today. A gift of any size makes a huge difference.

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