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A spotlight on wetland wildlife - December Christmas Special

Posted on 20 Dec 2020

Join us for the final reserves roundup of 2020, where we hear updates on what's going on at some of WWT's wetland sites - with a special seasonal video.

WWT Arundel

Arundel brings us an exciting update on their growing population of egret species, as well as fantastic sightings of some of our lesser-seen birds such as harriers and snipe.

WWT Caerlaverock

Despite the difficult times, the birds of Caerlaverock are carrying on as usual, arriving in their droves for overwintering on the Solway Firth. And in some good news, we hear the latest breeding season results for one of our most beloved goose species.

WWT Llanelli

At Llanelli, we've been busy improving habitat for a whole range of species, widening waterways and managing reedbeds. Owls and other birds of prey have abounded, and many wading birds have been enjoying the results.

WWT Slimbridge

Over 50 Bewick's swans are at Slimbridge, along with some exciting waders bringing the reserve alive with winter spectacles, but the work doesn't stop for Christmas.

WWT Steart Marshes

At Steart Marshes we're all about the waders with some exciting sightings to report.

WWT Welney

Welney has seen some beautiful frosty weather and opened up some never-before-seen areas of the reserve, as well as some species that have shocked us by their appearance over winter!

WWT Washington

Wintertime at Washington brings over-wintering curlew on the lake, as well as bird species making the most of juicy winter berries.

A Christmas wish

And finally, everyone from WWT would like to wish you all the best and thanks for all your support during this difficult year. So take cheer in this message brought to you from across the UK at WWT's wetland centres, times are tough right now but hopefully our warmest wishes will bring a smile to your face.

WWT's 2020 highlights

Despite the pandemic, we’ve been able to welcome thousands of you to our sites, and it’s not just people that rely on our wetlands. Although we've had many setbacks, we have still been able to achieve some amazing things thanks to your support.

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