How to build a nest box for birds

With natural nesting sites in decline, why not give a helping hand to your local birds by making your own nest box and putting it up in your garden. It can make all the difference and you’ll be rewarded by lots of happy birds.

And don’t worry, birds don’t need a perfect nest box. As long as it’s secure, weatherproof and safe from predators, they’ll be happy. So, with spring around the corner and the nesting season soon upon us, why not give it a go? It’s not difficult and we’ve made this handy video to show you how…..

Or if you can't get round to making your own, then please have a browse of our WWT nest box range:

Eye catching nesters

There are never enough nesting boxes to go around at this time of year, so why not brighten up your garden with these colourful additions. Handmade in Bangladesh using natural seagrass and recycled saris, each one is unique. Plus, your purchase will be helping not only your local wildlife, but the local artisan communities that make them as well.

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Fabulous feeders

Feeding our garden birds is one of life’s simple pleasures and we’ve got a fantastic selection of feeders for you to choose from. Whether it’s for a robin or a blue tit, a goldfinch or chaffinch, we’ve got the perfect feeders for your feathered friends.

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Flavoursome food

From fat balls to suet mixes, wild seeds to mealworm feasts, we’ve got everything your garden birds could want. And by supplementing their wild diet you’ll be giving them the best possible start to the breeding season.

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