My Life Membership

Be inspired by the positive impact Life Membership has on Stephen and Usha, and what it means to them to support wetlands and wildlife.

What inspired you to become a Life Member?

As I care deeply about and really value conservation and as I wanted to make a one-off substantial payment to support a good cause.

What got you interested in wetlands and their wildlife?

They're beautiful, relaxing and inspirational places.

Why are wetlands special to you?

They lift my spirits.

How do you feel when you’ve spent time at one of WWT’s wetland centres?

Much more in touch with nature and glad that I'm doing my bit to help conserve it.

What’s been the most memorable wildlife sighting or spectacle that you’ve enjoyed on one of your visits?

Canoeing past a water bird’s nest full of eggs.

Why do you think it’s important to spend time in nature?

To reconnect with an essential part of being alive.

With Life Membership you can bring a different family guest each time you visit. Who do you like to bring with you and why?

My wife, my 11 year-old daughter and my nine year-old son.

What do you enjoy most about being a Life Member?

That everything is paid for and that we can visit whenever we want.

What would you say to someone thinking about becoming a Life Member?

Go for it! It gives you great pre-paid for days out and you'll get a good feeling of having done your bit for nature.

What are your hopes for the future for wetlands and their wildlife?

That more can be preserved and conserved and that future generations get to enjoy them.

Thanks to Life Members Stephen and Usha, for sharing their story with us.

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