Latest Sightings - 29th October - Fog & named Whooper Swan update

Difficult to update sightings this morning as the reserve is coated in thick fog...

We have had a big arrival of swans overnight, with 169 on the reserve this morning (up from 86 yesterday). They are currently split between the Whooper Pond and the Folly Pond.

We have had good numbers of our named Whooper Swans arrive so far, so here is an update for any of you who have named them!
Rainbow - orange ZKN
Hagar - orange ZKJ
Bowie - yellow Z7S
Topsy - orange YSF
McMurdoston - orange YPH
Suzanne - yellow Z9T
Balthazar - orange ZGJ
Eric Anthony - orange YBF
Lucky Linda - orange YRG
Elsie Barbara - red APR
Obi Swan Kanobi - orange YFS
Monty - Red APH
Hendrik - yellow Z9F
PP - yellow Z6T
Orchid - orange YJC
Princess Layer - metal ZY8743 (she has lost her coloured ring)
Linda H - orange YJL
Professor Sponge - orange YJF
Dawnie Pie - orange YRJ
Gavin - orange YPS

Around the reserve today:

Mostly fog...but probably these things too

Barnacle Geese: 6,000

Whooper Swans: 169

Whooper Pond
Whooper Swan 86
Mute Swan 25
Canada Geese 30
Greylag geese 2
Mallard 100
Wigeon 80
Tufted Duck 35
Moorhen 2
Gadwall 1♂
Teal 4
Cormorant 1

Folly Pond
Whooper Swan 63
Green-winged Teal 1♂
Teal 150
Wigeon 110
Moorhen 1
Shoveler 34
Mallard 30
Black-tailed Godwit 2
Lapwing 2

Teal Pond
Coot 1

Avenue Tower
Barnacle Geese 6000+
Wigeon 82
Teal 11
Shoveler 8
Pintail 2
Mute Swan 1
Longhorn Cattle 3

Saltcot Merse Observatory
Barnacle Geese 6000+
Great Egret 1
Peregrine 1
Merlin 2
Sparrowhawk 1
Hen Harrier 2 (male and ringtail)
Kestrel 1
Pink footed Geese 300+
Greylag Geese 20
Canada Goose 300
Pintail 200+
Wigeon 200+
Dunlin 200+
Golden Plover 100+
Knot 200+
Hebridean Sheep 12

Avenues & Feeders
(notable species)

Reed Bunting
Coal Tit
Long-tailed Tit
House Sparrow
Tree Sparrow
Song Thrush
Great-spotted Woodpecker

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Osprey Webcam

The winter webcam is now showing the Whooper Pond. The first few Whooper Swans have already shown up and later in the winter we enjoy the superb spectacle of up to 300 of them along with a variety of wild ducks and geese at feed times - 11:00 and 14:00 daily