WWT welcomes Government’s ten point plan for green industrial revolution

The Prime Minister has today unveiled his plans for a green industrial revolution to boost a green recovery. The Government’s Ten Point Plan includes measures to expand protected landscapes and create and retain jobs in the environmental sector.

In his announcement, Johnson confirmed £40 million in additional investment into the government’s Green Recovery Challenge Fund for generating thousands of green jobs in areas such as the restoration of wetlands, including the renovation of damaged habitats like peatlands, critical for storing carbon.

He also confirmed that £5.2 billion had been allocated for flood defences to help the country adapt to the changing climate, with an increased focus on nature-based solutions highlighted in the recent flood strategy.

WWT is keen that the government embraces nature based solutions that utilises the many benefits of wetlands to protect the UK from the effects of climate change and to enhance and protect biodiversity.

Tom Fewins, WWT Head of Policy & Advocacy, said:

“We welcome this action at the top of Government to address the biggest existential crises we face: the climate and nature crises. This is desperately needed and – given how much the Prime Minister has on his plate – it is encouraging.

“Covid-19 may have our attention but the climate and nature crises have not gone away. The Ten Point Plan is a useful start however this investment falls short of what is required. We want to see better use of nature-based solutions through a ‘blue recovery’ that creates wetlands at scale and unlocks the vital services they can provide, from carbon storage and flood protection to wellbeing and biodiversity.

“We depend upon our wetlands for our prosperity and wellbeing however we have lost 90%. Given the huge challenges we face, now is the time to put them back. With key summits taking place next year on climate and nature, there couldn’t be a better time for the UK to show international leadership and spearhead a drive not only for a green revolution but also a blue recovery.”