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In our summer issue

Figures released by the Environment Agency last autumn revealed that none of our rivers, lakes or streams are now classed as being in good health. Chemicals, sewage, manure and plastic are polluting our waterways, invasive weeds are choking them, and climate change and overuse are drying them out. This affects our crops, our wildlife, the nature sites we love to visit, our water bills and so much more.

So how can you recognise an unhealthy river before you dip your toe in or go fishing with the grandchildren, and what can help turn the tide? Wild swimmer and nature writer Amy-Jane Beer finds out more about the warning signs to spot and how wetlands can help turn our suffering waters into thriving blue corridors for wildlife (on page 32).

We spotlight the opening of the new Living Wetland Theatre at Slimbridge as part of WWT’s 75th anniversary celebrations. This immersive experience will enable visitors to appreciate the beauty of British wetlands first-hand, and see some of our amazing water-loving birds demonstrating natural behaviours that are essential to their survival. Be inspired and find out more on page 26.

Plus, you can finally figure out the difference between those wetland stalwarts – ducks, geese and swans –with help from Dominic Couzens (page 22).

Summer issue: Jun - Aug 2021