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02 May 2011

Incubations continues

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Our ospreys are happily incubating their two eggs on the nest today and no doubt enjoying the beautiful spring weather. The eggs were laid on the 19th and 22nd of April and it now looks unlikely they will be joined by a third egg this year, as it has been more than a week since the second was laid, which is usually the maxmium gap between eggs.

However, two eggs is still a great outcome and most welcome as this is a relatively young breeding pair, and every Osprey born here in Dumfries and Galloway potentially helps these still vulnerbale birds recolonise their historic range. If both eggs hatch the two chicks will stand a very good chance of both surviving to fledging as there should be plenty of food to go around.

Osprey eggs hatch between 35 and 42 days after laying, with a pretty reliable average being 37 days. Some quick calculations reveal therefore that the earliest possible hatching date for egg one would be the 24th of May, but more likely the 26th, whereas egg two could hatch as early as the 27th, but more likely around the 29th of May.

Meanwhile the parent birds continue to be dedicated and vigilant as the eggs must be kept constantly warm and protected from opportunistic predators during the long incubation