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17 Oct 2011

October – busy, busy

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Last week was a really busy week for me and I wasn’t really at the centre much. We have meetings reagularly for our Centre Managers from across the country and these are really useful and great for catching up with the other centres news! At the meeting we dicussed what works well at the centres and what doesn’t, also about driving visitation at all of our 9 centres.

Now is a great time to come and see our beaver family, with Autumn being their busiest time. You can watch them via the webcam and will have a good chance to see them swimming about, dragging and carrying branches preparing for the coming winter and building their food store. You may even see them carrying mud to repairand improve their lodge or if your really lucky you may see them cutting down a tree!

Its is also one of the best times of year to see them in the flesh as they they are so busy we have seen them out and about from 5.40pm, the site is currently open until 6.30pm daily. (changes to 6pm from 31 October)