Wetland superstars

Meet our adorable otters, flamboyant flamingos and some of the world’s most eye-catching ducks, geese and swans.

Discover some of the most eye-catching water birds from around the world - plus a couple of playful otters – as you stroll around our wetlands, and find out how WWT’s conservation work around the world is helping to protect wetlands and the amazing wildlife that depends on them.

With their striking pink plumage and dancing displays, our flamingos are a must-see during any visit. Get up close to our flocks of Greater and Chilean flamingos and see their pink feathers sparkle in the sun.

Meet our Asian short-clawed otters, the smallest of all 13 species of otter worldwide. They are a joy to watch as they twist and dive in the water.

Our friendly nenes (Hawaiian geese) and Southern screamers are firm favourite. As well as common cranes and black swans.

Also keep a look out for colourful mandarins, our brand new species the inca terns in the WOW aviary, noisy white-faced whistling ducks, the most scary bird at Martin Mere: the spur-winged goose and many more beautiful water birds from around the world. Can you mimic the ‘oo-OO-oo’ call of the eider duck?