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20 Mar 2017

Recent Sightings

Nuthatch in Woodland Loop by Susan Lamb.

Here are a list of species spotted by our wardens during the morning walk around the site. Numbers of individual birds/wildfowl are included when available.

Fri 17 March

Reserve & Grounds: 2 buzzard, blue tit, jackdaw, mallard, black-headed gull, mute swan, great tit, wren, carrion crow, pochard, robin, dunnock, tufted duck, blackbird, gadwall, chiff chaff, Canada geese, goldfinch, greylag geese,

Lapwing hide: 8 lapwing, Canada geese, 11 teal, 1 shoveler, black-headed gull, 1 buzzard, mallard, 7 snipe, wren,

Ramsar hide: 6 lapwing, 1 barnacle geese, mallard, Canada geese, black-headed gull, 4 shelduck, greylag geese, common gull, 3 tufted duck, 1 oystercatcher, Scrape hide: 2 lapwing, Canada geese, black-headed gull, 1 shelduck, greylag geese, 1 gadwall

Reedbed boardwalk: chiff chaff, blue tit, long-tailed tit, 3 shelduck, Cetti’s warbler great spotted woodpecker, carrion crow, Woodland Loop: blue tit, wren, mallard, great tit, robin, chaffinch, jackdaw, blackbird, dunnock, nut hatch,

 Arun Riverlife: 16 tufted duck, black-headed gull, mute swan, grey wagtail, mallard, Canada geese, dunnock,

Sat 18 March

Wetlands Discovery: robin, mallard, greylag geese, pochard, Canada geese, tufted duck, black-headed gull,

Arun Riverlife: 3 Med. gull, 5 pochard, 11 tufted duck, 6 Canada geese, black-headed gull

Lapwing hide: 2 shelduck, 5 lapwing, 6 teal, 8 shoveler

Ramsar hide: 2 Med. gull, 2 shoveler, 8 tufted duck, 14 Canada geese, 2 pochard, 8 lapwing, black-headed gull, common gull, 2 lesser black-backed gull, 5 shelduck, 6 greylag geese, 1 pintail, mallard,

Scrape hide: 1 Grey heron, 18 mallard, black-headed gull, common gull, 2 lesser black-backed gull, Canada geese, 2 gadwall, 19 teal, snipe, 4 shoveler, shelduck

Reedbed boardwalk: blue tit, gadwall, goldfinch, chaffinch, green woodpecker, robin, mallard

Woodland Loop: blue tit, great spotted woodpecker, great tit, wren, robin, dunnock, nuthatch, chaffinch, jackdaw

Reserve & Grounds: 1 kingfisher, 3 buzzard, blue tit, great tit, long-tailed tit, goldcrest, chiff chaff, dunnock, goldfinch, wren, Cetti’s warbler oystercatcher, tufted duck, reedbunting pochard, blackbird, shelduck, grey wagtail, pied wagtail

Sun 19 March

Wetlands Discovery: robin, mallard, greylag geese

Arun Riverlife: tufted duck, Canada geese, mute swan, shelduck, mallard

Woodland Loop: blue tit, mandarin duck great tit, chaffinch, dunnock, song thrush, mallard, goldfinch, nuthatch

Scrape hide: gadwall, Canada geese, shelduck, tufted duck, shoveler

Ramsar hide: oystercatcher, shelduck, Canada geese, lesser black-backed gull, lapwing, mallard, little egret

Lapwing hide: lapwing, shelduck, gadwall, Canada geese, teal, mallard

Reserve & Grounds: blackbird, dunnock, mallard, Canada geese, mute swan, robin, wren, pochard, greylag geese, goldfinch, pied wagtail, tufted duck, blue tit, great tit,


Mon 20 March

Lapwing hide: 2 greylag geese, 6 lapwing, 4 teal, 3 shoveler, 1 snipe, 2 gadwall

Ramsar hide: 9 lapwing, shelduck, common gull, black-headed gull, 6 snipe, Med. gull, 2 greylag geese, 3 tufted duck, mallard, Canada geese

Arun Riverlife: 11 tufted duck, 2 pochard, shelduck, Canada geese, black-headed gull

Reserve & Grounds: coal tit , magpie, mallard, Canada geese, black-headed gull, blue tit, wren, tufted duck, common gull, great tit, dunnock, pochard, chaffinch, chiff chaff, goldfinch, blackbird, robin, kingfisher, long-tailed tit