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27 Apr 2017

A better environment should be top of every party’s agenda for Government

Posted in Blog posts

The Prime Minister has called an election to seek a clear mandate for government.

We think our environment should be at the heart of any government’s agenda.

This week, Martin Spray, CEO of the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust, has written to the leaders of the main political parties across the UK to ask them to commit to make a clear manifesto commitment a better environment.

We are calling on all party leaders to commit to:

  • Stronger environmental protection, reinforcing our climate and nature laws, in or out of the EU.
  • More investment in nature, public and private, supporting nature-friendly farming and greener cities.
  • A new Environment Act, setting legally-binding objectives for clean air, water and thriving wildlife.

Of course, you can also write to the party leaders, to your sitting MP, and to the candidates in your area to let them know you’d like them to take action for a better environment.

We have just a couple of weeks to make our voices heard before manifestos are published, then a couple of weeks more before the general election on 8 June.

Whoever wins the General Election, let’s make sure that their mandate includes a better environment.