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11 May 2017

Ask for environmental answers

Posted in Blog posts

3 crucial questions to ask Parliamentary candidates on your doorstep

Political parties are already making promises for the Parliament ahead.

But as we go into the General Election, we are still waiting for Government to deliver on previous promises: an environment plan, a food and farming plan, a climate change plan.

At WWT, we think it’s time for serious commitments, not just headline promises.

So, when candidates appear on your doorstep in the weeks ahead, please ask environmental questions. Here are some ideas:

  1. I want a greener, cleaner future: healthier air, cleaner water, more wildlife. All the parties are making promises. Will your party commit to an Environment Act to back up your promises in law?
  2. Our economy is built on a healthy environment and nature needs investment. I want to know that my money is contributing to a sustainable future. Will you match the £3.5 billion the EU spends on UK farming each year and make sure it goes to the greenest farmers?
  3. From trade deals to climate negotiations, as part of the EU, the UK has led the world on environmental protection. I know that choices I make in the supermarket or in my energy supplier meet environmental standards for me and for the world. How will your party make the environment part of your international deals and how will you lead the world toward a greener future?

If we all ask these questions, we can make the political parties listen.

Let’s make sure that together, we ask every candidate the environmental question.

We’d love to hear about the answers you get.