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04 May 2017

Our call to local leaders

Posted in Blog posts

The General Election on 8 June will surely shape the future of our environment. That’s why we want all parties to commit to a new Environment Act with legally-binding targets to restore nature. We need to play our part in a more sustainable world.

But none of these big political decisions matter if we don’t look after our local environment.

Today,  4,851 councillors and six new “metro mayors” will be elected across the UK.

They will make many of the everyday decisions that affect us all.

So today we are asking them:

Will you defend the green oases that enrich our cities? Will you support the businesses that invest in our countryside? Will you stand up against the developers who don’t put sustainability at the core of their business?

At WWT, we work every day with local councillors who want to build a greener future.

You know that it’s a matter of social justice. It’s a scandal that so many people suffer ill-health because of dirty air or over-development and it’s often the poorest and most vulnerable people that suffer worst.

You know that it’s a matter of economic sense. We can’t keep on taking more from nature without giving anything back.

And you know that every small contribution – from a wildlife corridor for hedgehogs to a sustainable drainage solution like a green roof – can make a better future for our wildlife and for people.

If you are elected this week, please remember what a difference you can make. Please be one of our local leaders who makes their voices count for a greener society and a greener economy. Stand up for our environment.