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19 May 2017

Our environment: the parties’ promises

Posted in Blog posts

Manifestos give a glimpse into the future: not just commitments, but the political priorities of the Parliament to come.

At WWT, we’re politically impartial. We’re working with all parties to promote the strongest possible policies to protect the environment.

We think the crucial issues are:

  1. A green Brexit: most environmental protection comes from the EU. If we leave, we need guarantees that standards will be maintained.
  2. Legally-binding targets: we need legal commitments not just to protect, but to restore our wildlife, water and air quality.
  3. Investment in nature: coasts, countryside and cities all need investment in nature, from flood defences to farming to greenspaces.
  4. Accountability: the EU holds Government to account in court. New UK systems are needed to make sure environmental promises are delivered.
  5. Climate: we need to do more to clean up the UK’s economy and create clean, renewable energy in harmony with the natural environment.

We think you should be able to compare the offers each party is making on these crucial environmental questions.

Now that the main parties in England have set out their manifestos, we’ve set out their promises for you in each of these areas.

Which party will do the most for the environment? We’ll let you decide.

Download our quick guide to the main parties environmental manifesto policies.


  • Ian Moss

    Or, if you prefer, which party wants to hunt, terrify and murder our wildlife, and in the process, trash property and cause chaos? #forthemanynotthefew