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09 Jun 2017

The campaigning is over – time to start campaigning!

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The campaigning is over – time to start campaigning!

This is an invitation to join us to speak up about climate change in the new Parliament.

In the run up to the election, many of us campaigned hard to make sure that the environment wasn’t forgotten. At WWT, we helped influence the manifestos to secure party promises on nature and climate change.

Now, we need to work with you to make sure those promises are kept.

MPs need to hear from all of us: to inform them, inspire them and hold them to account.

Over the months ahead, we’ll be asking you to join us in campaigning for wetlands, wildlife and strong nature laws.

The very first thing that every MP should hear about is climate change: the greatest threat to people, economy, and environment.

At WWT, our message is clear. Climate change is a direct threat to wetlands worldwide. Even a couple of degrees of warming could decimate fragile habitats that support wildlife and provide livelihoods for millions of people.

But we also need MPs to understand how restoring nature – like investing in wetland creation – can help to fight climate change by locking up carbon in plants and rich soils.

What’s more, nature can help us adapt to climate change better. Wetlands in cities and in the countryside can slow and store flows of flood water, helping to reduce the economic damage and human misery that flooding causes each year.

For example, at Steart Marshes in Somerset, WWT has created a new wetland that will store away 650 tonnes of carbon each year, support fisheries and farming, and protect communities from flooding.

There’s so much that we need this Government to do for our climate: clean up our energy, help defend communities against flooding, invest in nature.

We’re working with a brilliant group of businesses, NGOs and community groups called The Climate Coalition to make sure that all of our MPs hear about climate and understand that we need action.

Please join us in the Week of Action.

You can come to our relaxed event at London Wetland Centre on 7 July, 11.00-13.00 – tea with the MP for Richmond Park – by signing up here.

Or you can organise your own event or find an event near you using The Climate Coalition map.

It’s been a long effort campaigning for nature in the general election.

Now it’s time to campaign for some action—for climate, wildlife and wetlands.

Let’s get started.