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09 Oct 2017

9th October Update- Barnacle Goose influx


Thousands of Barnacle Geese arrived yesterday, with around 9000 on our reserve. There are a couple of leucistic birds present with them. Reports from observers on the east coast suggest more could arrive today. Here is an image of a few Barnacle Geese flying onto the merse from the waters edge this morning.

 Photo credit- Lottie Glover

There are still around the same number of Whooper Swans present, with some of the named swans being present at most feeds.

A WeBS (Wetland Birds Survey) count was undertaken yesterday, with the figures included below.

Named Whooper Swan arrivals:

ZHP – Andrew K    &    YFZ – Ruth C          A pair with 5 cygnets

YFS – Obi Swan Kenobi   &   YHZ – Princess Layer ( but she has lost her coloured darvic ring)

YSJ – Sheldon Whooper

YTG – Jack

Z6L – Rooby   &   Z7S – Bowie        A pair with 1 cygnet

Z9F – Hendrick   &   Z6T – PP       A pair with 1 cygnet

YRG – Lucky Linda

YSU – Nye


Today’s high tide is at 15:22, 9.5m

Whooper Swans: 75 in the local area
Barnacle Geese:

Around the reserve:

Whooper Pond
Whooper Swan 47
Mute Swan 32
Mallard 138
Gadwall 1♂
Tufted Duck 24
Wigeon 5
Teal 2
Canada Geese 41
Greylag Geese 2
Cormorant 1

Folly Pond

Teal 600
Shoveler 2
Wigeon 4
Greylag Geese 2
Moorhen 1
Curlew 14
Black-tailed Godwit 16

Teal Pond
Gadwall 7
Mallard 5
Moorhen 2

Avenue Tower
Mute Swan 3
Mallard 1
Roe Deer 2

Saltcot Merse Observatory
Buzzard 1
Peregrine 2 adults (pair)
Merlin 1
Hen Harrier – ringtail
Mute Swan 18
Barnacle Geese 9000+ (leucistic 2)
Pink-footed Geese 2000+
Shelduck 1000+
Pintail 860
Red-breasted Merganser 6
Teal 20
Wigeon 140
Black-headed Gull 420
Great Black-backed Gull 116
Herring Gull 317
Common Gull 654
Golden Plover 530
Dunlin 500
Lapwing 485
Oystercatcher 1570
Ring Plover 150
Curlew 10
Little Egret 6
Cormorant 6
Guillemot 1
Linnets – flocks of up to 60
Roe Deer 5
Hebridean Sheep 10
Longhorn Cattle 2

Avenues & Feeders
(notable species)

Reed Bunting
Coal Tit
Long-tailed Tit
House Sparrow
Tree Sparrow
Great-spotted Woodpecker


The winter webcam is now showing the Whooper Pond during the day and the badger feeding area from 5pm onwards.


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