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13 Oct 2017

Reserve Update Friday 13th October

The hybrid Barnacle Goose was spotted this morning mixed in the flock on the Lochar Field outside the Avenue Tower.  There were also good numbers of Lapwing (307) and Golden Plover (151) taking advantage of the more sheltered conditions in Low Middle field. A Kestrel seemed to be enjoying the turbulent air over the Flood Ground and was making flying look effortless (well, a bit more gliding than flying really!)  Not so many Whooper Swans currently on Whooper Pond with the majority remaining on the fields to the North of the Avenue Tower.  Small numbers of Redshank and Black-tailed Godwit on the Folly Pond.

Named Whooper Swan arrivals:

ZHP – Andrew K    &    YFZ – Ruth C          A pair with 5 cygnets

YFS – Obi Swan Kenobi   &   YHZ – Princess Layer ( but she has lost her coloured darvic ring)

YSJ – Sheldon Whooper

YTG – Jack

Z6L – Rooby   &   Z7S – Bowie        A pair with 1 cygnet

Z9F – Hendrick   &   Z6T – PP       A pair with 1 cygnet

YRG – Lucky Linda

YSU – Nye

Today’s high tide is at 18:00, 8.2m

Whooper Swans: 75 in the local area
Barnacle Geese:

Around the reserve:

Whooper Pond
Whooper Swan 26
Mute Swan 15
Mallard 97
Gadwall 1♂
Tufted Duck 25
Wigeon 8
Teal 1
Canada Geese 5
Greylag Geese 2
Moorhen 2

Folly Pond

Teal 600
Shoveler 10
Wigeon 80
Mallard 4
Moorhen 1
Redshank 5
Black-tailed Godwit 6

Teal Pond
Mute Swan 2 and 4 cygnets
Moorhen 4

Avenue Tower
Barnacle Geese 200+ inc. Hybrid
Golden Plover 151
Lapwing 307
Curlew 3
Snipe 1
Mute Swan 3
Whooper Swan 51
Grey Heron 1
Roe Deer 4

Saltcot Merse Observatory
Buzzard 1
Peregrine 2 adults (pair)
Merlin 1
Hen Harrier – ringtail
Mute Swan 18
Barnacle Geese 8,000+ (leucistic 3)
Pink-footed Geese 2000+
Shelduck 1000+
Pintail 860
Red-breasted Merganser 6
Teal 20
Wigeon 140
Black-headed Gull 420
Great Black-backed Gull 116
Herring Gull 317
Common Gull 654
Golden Plover 530
Dunlin 500
Lapwing 485
Oystercatcher 1570
Ring Plover 150
Curlew 10
Little Egret 6
Cormorant 6
Guillemot 1
Linnets – flocks of up to 60
Roe Deer 5
Hebridean Sheep 10
Longhorn Cattle 2

Avenues & Feeders
(notable species)

Reed Bunting
Coal Tit
Long-tailed Tit
House Sparrow
Tree Sparrow
Great-spotted Woodpecker


The winter webcam is now showing the Whooper Pond during the day and the badger feeding area from 5pm onwards.


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