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19 Dec 2017

‘Artful Migration’ Artist in Residence

We are pleased to announce that Angela Alexander-Lloyd is our new Artist in Residence. Angela is working on a project called ‘Artful Migration’ at WWT Caerlaverock which is developed with Upland and Moving Souls Dance. She will be writing regular blogs during the winter and her exhibition will be part of Spring Fling in May 2018.

Angela will be working at WWT Caerlaverock between now and March to research and observe whooper swans and their family groups which arrive from Iceland to winter at WWT Caerlaverock. She will focus on adult/cygnet socialisation within the flock and engage with visitors, volunteers and staff at WWT Caerlaverock during the residency to develop new work based on her research.

Angela graduated with a first class honours degree in Fine Art from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art in 2016. Prior to that she undertook the HND Art & Design course at Dumfries & Galloway College. Her practice is concerned with the current ecological changes occurring world wide and aims to raise awareness and open up dialogue by creating work outside the traditional gallery setting which actively seeks interaction with the public.

Recent accomplishments include being invited by the Society of Scottish Artists to perform twice at the National Gallery of Scotland with the installation performance piece ‘If’ along with various international exhibitions in several European cities as well countries further afield such as America, Columbia and the Philippines. During the summer Angela also undertook a residency in the Netherlands creating three site specific works centred on the concerns of climate change.

Angela says of taking on the residency:

“It is a great privilege to be awarded the Artful Migration residency at Caerlaverock and to have the opportunity to creatively respond to such a unique and important conservation site. The trepidation felt at the onset of any new project feels heightened at Caerlaverock as I am acutely aware of the critical nature of the work carried out as well as the dedication and passion of the visitors and staff. It is a delight to be back in Dumfries and Galloway and somewhat apposite that I pass Dumfries and Galloway College where my creative journey began. Much like the whooper swans I am looking forward to settling in to this second home and engaging with this new environment. “


About the project:

The residency programme is being developed by Upland in partnership with Ginnie Wollaston of Moving Souls Dance. Ginnie’s uncle George Clark left her a legacy and his brother John Clark was a keen artist who lived for many years in Gatehouse of Fleet. She wanted to give this legacy to Dumfries and Galloway in memory of both uncles. The programme is also being supported by WWT Caerlaverock and the RSPB.

Read Angela’s regular blogs here: http://www.weareupland.com/projects/artful-migration-artist-residency/blog/