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10 Jan 2018

Reserve Update Wednesday 10th January

Another murky morning which is making counts difficult and currently only Whooper Pond could be counted with any accuracy.  It did however mean that a large number of Whooper Swans were still present on their night time roost of the Folly Pond.  We estimate that there were over 250 swans spilt between there and the Whooper Pond.  We are still finding swans with previously unrecorded leg rings for this season turning up too.  The mist also meant a late start for the Pink -footed Geese with skeins heard flying overhead first thing.  The feeders in the Peter Scott trail have been good recently with a female Brambling making several appearances, the Water Rail still around and a maximum count of six Tree Sparrows today.  Keep your eyes peeled in the hedgerows outside the Peter Scott Observatory as there was a mixed flock of over twenty Yellowhammer and Reed Bunting there yesterday.

Named Whooper Swan arrivals:

YHS – Solway Siren
ZHP – Andrew K    &    YFZ – Ruth C          A pair with 5 cygnets
YFS – Obi Swan Kenobi   &   YHZ – Princess Layer ( but she has lost her coloured darvic ring)
YSJ – Sheldon Whooper
YTG – Jack
Z6L – Rooby   &   Z7S – Bowie        A pair with 1 cygnet
Z9F – Hendrick   &   Z6T – PP       A pair with 1 cygnet
YRG – Lucky Linda
YSU – Nye
YPA – Eleanor
YSF – Topsy
YJL – Linda H
YTC – Margaret Ruth
APR – Elsie Barbara & YFB – Eric Anthony
ZGJ – Balthazar & YFP – BekahJo
YKJ- Hagar (lost coloured darvic ring)
YHV – Wowsie
YHD – Fionnaghal
Z4A – Argyll
YRK – Gylfi
YRN – Douglas Flintoff
YJF – Professor Sponge
YPK – Euan David
(Lost coloured ring) – New York Lady
ZDL – Rose (in with her mate and 2 cygnets)
YDK – Rowena (in with a mate and 1 cygnet)
Z5N – Andy
Z9T – Suzanne (in with her mate, possibly cygnets – so watch this space)
YHC – Charlie (in with a mate and 1 cygnet)
ZAB – Atty & YJH – Kate Two
APC- George
(Lost coloured ring)- Aspen
Z7G- Charners
YSK- Countess of Boulogne & YRS – Steven      A pair with 5 cygnets
YFN – Fearn
(Lost coloured ring) – Snoopy
(Lost coloured ring) – Blackbill Cupcake
YHH – Lady Ela
ZGL – Elin
YPH- McMurdoston & YTF – Odette*       A pair with 2 cygnets
(Lost coloured ring) – Siljy

Today’s high tide is at 05:36, 8.1m.

Whooper Swans: 160
Barnacle Geese: around 6,000+

Around the reserve:

Whooper Pond
Whooper Swan 160
Mute Swan 87
Mallard 166
Gadwall 1♂
Tufted Duck 38
Wigeon 107
Teal 85
Canada Geese 43
Greylag Geese 1
Moorhen 9
Great Scaup 1 ♀ juv

Folly Pond
Teal 140
Wigeon 32
Shoveler 40
Mallard 8

Teal Pond
Currently Frozen

Avenue Tower
Little Egret 6
Heron 1
Kestrel 1
Lapwing 500+
Golden Plover 255

Saltcot Merse Observatory
Great White Egret 1
Buzzard 1
Peregrine 2 adults (pair)
Merlin 1
Hen Harrier 1 ♂ & juv/♀
Mute Swan 2
Barnacle Geese 2,000
Pink-footed Geese 2000+
Shelduck 210
Teal 90
Wigeon 124
Golden Plover 285
Dunlin 5000+
Knot 3200+
Lapwing 485
Oystercatcher 1630
Curlew 77
Little Egret 6
Grey Heron 5
Great Black-backed Gull 30
Hebridean Sheep 9
Longhorn Cattle 2

Avenues & Feeders
(notable species)
Lesser Redpoll
Reed Bunting
Coal Tit
Long-tailed Tit
House Sparrow
Tree Sparrow
Great-spotted Woodpecker


The winter webcam is now showing the Whooper Pond during the day and the badger feeding area from 5pm onwards.


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