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24 Jan 2018

A Splashtastic Half Term Event!

Children of all ages (and the young-at-heart!) are being encouraged to get out into the fresh air and have fun jumping in puddles this February half-term at Dusty’s Puddle Jumping Championships held at WWT Llanelli Wetland Centre.

The competition is part of WWT’s national puddle jumping championship taking place across the UK at all nine WWT wetland centres.  At each centre, visitors will be able to compete against each other to see who can produce the biggest splash from their puddle jump.  There will also be points awarded for enthusiasm, creativity and jumping style!

Nigel Williams, Centre Manager at WWT Llanelli Wetland Centre said: “We know that children love nothing more than to splash about in puddles, so we thought we’d give them the chance to channel their ‘inner splasher’ through our Puddle Jumping Championships.

It’s a lot of fun and we know that children who love puddles often grow up to be adults that love the outdoors. So through this event we’re gently nurturing a love that may help protect wetlands and the wildlife that depend on them for years to come.”

Using collected rainwater, there will be several practice puddles set up throughout the day for splashers to perfect their jumping technique. The main competition event will take place daily at 2pm, with each day’s prize winner announced at 4pm.

Every contestant will receive a sticker to acknowledge their puddle jumping skills and the overall winner will also receive a further splashtastic prize at the end of half term!

And remember, the competition is open to everyone, regardless of age or ability so grab your wellies and waterproofs and have a splashing adventure at this exhilarating event!

In addition to creating impressive splashes, families can also:

  • get close to amazing wildlife
  • try their hand at den building using natural materials from around the grounds
  • take part in crafts and other great activities
  • have fun at outdoor adventure play areas
  • watch nature’s winter spectacles from cosy hides
  • eat delicious home cooked food in our cafe and browse our fantastic gift shop

at WWT Llanelli wetland centre this February half-term.