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26 Apr 2018

Arundel Grabs the Gap for wildflowers

Volunteer Pauline Jones has been helping Grab the Gap at WWT Arundel.

WWT Arundel Wetland Centre has taken up the challenge to ‘Grab the Gap’ and fill it with wildflowers this spring. The British & Irish Association of Zoos & Aquariums challenged its members to plant up unused space of approx. 10m2 (gaps) with wildflowers as a part of the UK wide effort to manage these sites for native species.

Warden Sam Halpin has led the Grab the Gap campaign at Arundel Wetland Centre for the past three years. Sam said: “It’s hard to find space on our grounds that we are not already managing to feed and house wildlife but we thought replacing some scruffy privet with gorgeous wildflowers near our entrance boardwalk in the carpark would entice both insects and people.”

Arundel Wetland Centre is already renowned for its summer wildflowers and more the better, especially for UK wildlife! Volunteer Pauline Jones prepared the gap by digging out the scrub and getting the soil ready for the wildflowers seeds donated by Flora Locale. If like Pauline you enjoy working outdoors the WWT Arundel Grounds team is looking for more volunteers. Visit the website at https://www.wwt.org.uk/support/volunteer-with-wwt/volunteering-opportunities/details/grounds/21/