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28 Jun 2018

Wildflowers walks are the bomb this July!

Meadowsweet, the favourite strewing herb of Queen Elizabeth the first!

Wildflowers are ‘da bomb’ at Arundel Wetland Centre in summer… the seed bomb that is.  Every ‘Wildflower Wednesday’ this July when you take a morning Wildflower Walk, stay to make and take home a seed bomb to do some guerrilla gardening!

Seed bombs are little nuggets of clay, compost, and native wildflowers seeds that you throw at the ground in your yard or in a neglected space to help turn it into a flowering wonderland.

Wildflower Walks run every Wednesday in July from 10.30 to 11.30, starting from the Wetland Secrets plant house. Stroll along gentle pathways with wetland herbalist Sheila Stenning to discover the names and historic uses of the gorgeous wetlands flowers and herbs. Some were used a strewing herbs, laid over reed mats in mediaeval homes to mask smells. It is said that ‘meadowsweet’ was a favourite of Queen Elizabeth I on the floors of her chambers. Many were used as medicine like comfrey, or knitbone, to help injuries heal quicker.

You do not have to book a place on a walk on Wildflower Wednesday . It is included in your admission price but donations to the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust are always appreciated. The walk starts promptly at 10.30pm at Wetland Secrets Plant House, (allow 8 minutes to walk there from the visitor centre.)