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04 Jun 2018

WWT success on single use plastics ahead of World Environment Day

Posted in Blog posts

Ahead of World Environment Day (June 5, 2018) WWT announces that it has successfully replaced many single-use plastic items in its shops and restaurants. The aim of this year’s World Environment Day is to beat plastic pollution.

The wetland conservation charity trades at nine locations around the UK.

WWT already:

  • Provided all takeaway food and drink in compostable packaging
  • Provided free tap water and offered to refill bottles

As part of the charity’s commitment to further action on single use plastic, since early 2018 WWT has:

  • Sent its membership magazine, Waterlife, in a compostable starch wrapper
  • Stopped the sale of all plastic drinks bottles and replaced them with recyclable glass bottles or cans
  • Provided paper straws instead of plastic straws
  • Provided incentives for visitors to purchase reusable hot drink mugs
  • Working with manufacturers of small carton drinks to encourage them to provide alternatives to plastic straws

Lucy Smith, WWT’s Sustainability Manager said:

“Wetlands are the Earth’s last line of natural defence between man-made pollution and our rivers, seas and oceans. Sadly many wetlands have been drained or destroyed over the past few centuries, leaving our oceans more exposed than ever, and putting more pressure on our remaining marshes, swamps and shallow seas.

“We’re committed to minimising the use of disposable plastics in our visitor centres and in our day to day business. We’re delighted to announce that we’ve managed to implement many changes already and are looking for further opportunities across our operations.”