A Blue Recovery

The UK’s wetlands are some of our most precious national treasures, protecting us from climate change, biodiversity loss and a decline in our own wellbeing.

That’s why we’re calling for the creation and restoration of 100,000 hectares of new and restored wetlands and have published proposals for a ‘blue recovery’ to build back better out of the pandemic.

These new wetlands would provide a range of goods and services to communities across the country, from storing carbon and reducing flooding to restoring wellbeing and improving water quality. Each wetland will provide many benefits and every single hectare will teem with wildlife, providing a much-needed boost to biodiversity and the Government’s pledge to halt and reverse the decline of our natural world by 2030.

Blue Recovery outline proposal

This document sets out our four Blue Recovery proposals and shows how we are aiming to create a network of 100,000 hectares of wetlands.


Route to a Blue Recovery

We are now setting out further details on how a Blue Recovery needs to happen, publishing four route maps to create wetlands for urban wellbeing, carbon storage, flood protection and water quality.

Each route map sets out the proposal, the purpose the wetlands will serve, the potential they offer and the process required. They also cover the partnerships and policy framework required to make them happen.

Wetlands for water quality

Creating and managing treatment wetlands to improve water quality.

Download route map

Wetlands for carbon storage

Creating and managing saltmarshes to store blue carbon in the UK.

Download route map

Wetlands for urban wellbeing

Locally connected urban wetland provide a boost for nature whilst helping to restore our wellbeing.

Download route map

Wetlands for flood resilience

Creating wetlands to slow the flow of flood water and protect communities and businesses.

Download route map

Let's get this done together

100,000 hectares of wetlands is a big figure. One which we can’t achieve on our own. So, to make this Blue Recovery a reality, we need:

Partnerships. We need to create wetlands at scale through working with others - Governments, businesses and everyone across society.

Policies. We need to remove any barriers to such partnerships, and that requires a supportive policy framework.

Political support. We need to build demand for such policies amongst decision makers; this requires raising awareness about the value of wetlands, stimulating engagement with relevant issues and securing political support.

Public support. We need to show politicians there is public support for wetlands in constituencies across the country; this means raising public awareness about their importance. Our Wetlands Can campaign is doing just this.

If you would like to find out more about our Blue Recovery plans and how we can work together please get in touch with Tom Fewins, Head of Policy & Advocacy at tom.fewins@wwt.org.uk.