Researcher, Wetland Science

About me

It has been my dream to work in conservation for a very long time. I studied Zoology at the University of the West of Scotland and volunteered for various conservation charities over the years to build up my knowledge and skill set. After graduating, I did a work placement at Slimbridge which gave a love and appreciation for wetlands that I never had before. While on placement, I got involved with eDNA surveys which sparked an interest in all the ways we can use genetics in conservation. This is an interest I want to continue to pursue in future work and study.


Most of my work revolves around carrying out field and lab work on various projects. My main focus is on eDNA surveys. This includes collecting eDNA samples from the field, analysing them in the lab using qPCR methods as well as research into developing these techniques for different species. When in the field, I’m most often carrying out pond and riverfly surveys. In the lab, I’m also involved with water quality analysis and identifying aquatic invertebrates form kick samples.


  • eDNA surveying
  • PCR/qPCR
  • Water Quality analysis
  • Fieldwork
  • Invertebrate ID
  • qGIS