Helen Deavin

Head of UK Programmes

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About me

Hi I’m Helen, I have worked in the world of conservation since graduating in 1999. I worked as a Conservation Officer dealing with planning casework and major infrastructure public inquiries, before moving across into environmental project management leading a diverse range of projects from managed realignments, wind turbines, habitat creation and an aerial predator eradication on one of the most remote islands on the planet. I was attracted to the role of Head of UK Programmes due to the project based approach to conservation action, I’m a firm believer that individual projects can make significant and demonstrable change and give hope that huge issues like biodiversity loss and climate change can be tackled. I am motivated by seeing the difference that projects can make for both wildlife and people.

My role

My role at WWT involves leading the fantastic UK Programmes Team. The work of the team is currently split across a number of work programmes:

  1. Wetlands in the UK Rural Landscape: Focuses on nature based solutions including wetlands for water quality and our work on nutrient neutrality
  2. Waterscapes: Focuses on habitat creation and restoration for biodiversity in the landscapes surrounding some of our key sites.
  3. UK Species recovery: Focuses on active interventions and species recovery including work on black tailed godwits, curlews, working closely with the Conservation Breeding Unit.
  4. Urban and Community Wetlands: Delivering nature based solutions in urban areas with a focus on community benefit.
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