Jean-Basile Andriambeloson

Field Technician (Madagascar)

About me

With a Master’s degree in Zoology and Conservation from the University of Antananarivo, I have previously worked alongside a number of conservation organisations to monitor and conserve threatened species, and have worked alongside local communities to develop integrated habitat conservation programmes. This work, alongside the likes of the Wildife Coservation Sociaety, Operation Wallacea, the Duke Lemur Centre, Madagascar Voakajy, and Anjajavy Protected Area, has included supporting community-based savings groups, agro-ecology associations, native plant restoration projects, marshes restoration, environmental sensitization and community-based management of protected areas.

My interests are in threatened species conservation and research, and through WWT I am to deepen and strengthen my skills in monitoring conservation effectiveness and developing interactive and complementary multi-stakeholder conservation and development initiatives.

My role

As a Field Technician, my focus is to coordinate stakeholder activities, and the monitor the Lake Sofia conservation and sustainable development programme implementation. WWT, alongside partners, Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, Asity Madagascar, Aga Khan Foundation, work together for lake and forest restoration and community-based management, environmental education and awareness, ecological and waterbird monitoring, agro-ecological development, and community-based saving associations. I also support overarching project coordination amongst field teams, and support other elements of WWT’s work in Madagascar to improve technical wetland conservation capacity for other key sites.

Experience and interests

  • Animal biodiversity investigation
  • Threatened species monitoring and management
  • Protected Area management and sustainable development project management
  • Project progress monitoring, tracking and evaluation
  • Endangered species translocation and reintroduction
  • Spatial analysis and mapping using Quantum GIS


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