Jodie Clements

Researcher, Wetland Bioscience

About me

I’ve been avid about all things avian for as long as I know. From hatching domestic bird eggs in incubators and bird watching with my father as a child, to working with exotic species and learning of the value these interesting hobbies can have in the wider world. I strive to do what I love and love what I do. This and the inspirational people around me have got me where I am today.

My role

I have worked at WWT since 2017, spending my first five years with the Conservation Breeding Unit. Here, I assisted with management of the safe-guard population of spoon-billed sandpiper, endeavouring to develop a recipe as it were for successful breeding in captivity. I spent the summers of 2018 and 2019 in the Russian Far East assisting with the implementation of ‘headstarting’ for this species. From 2020, I have assisted the project remotely due to recent global events.

In 2023, I moved across to the Conservation Evidence Team to reflect, review, and report on with external partners the last decade or so of conservation breeding and headstarting projects for spoon-billed sandpiper.

Experience and interests

  • Conservation/captive breeding avian species
  • Artificial incubation and rearing avian species
  • Avian ‘Headstarting’ techniques (egg collection, egg and chick transportation, rearing for release, release methods, post release monitoring)
  • Avian fieldwork
  • Observational and scientific drawing
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