About me

I have been interested in natural history since the age of seven that was back in 1959, I have a BSc in insects (ants) and a MSc in small mammals, the main interest being bats and Hedgehogs, sad to say most of my working life was passenger transport management, I have also been involved in wild animal rescues in the past, getting a bit old for that now, and in my youth was a twitcher.


I started volunteering with the trust in 1997 and with swan research in 1998, also being employed on two short term contracts winter of 2016-207 and winter of 2017-2018, my main tasks being monitoring the Slimbridge wintering Bewick’s swans arrivals and departures, this includes bill pattern recognition, dominance and body condition during their stay, also entering Whooper and Bewick’s swan sightings onto the database and swan catches at WWT sites during the winter months.


I have done wild animal rescues and was trained in wild animal first aid, I have done several mammal surveys in Gloucestershire and Dorset mainly on bat species and small mammals I.e. Dormouse, Harvest mouse and Hedgehogs, I have also done Butterfly surveys in Dorset in the 1990s, also Bewick’s swan bill recognition and field work from 1998 to the present day.