About me

I have work with WWT since 2009 after working the previous 20 years with the Wildlife Trusts. My background is in habitat management and volunteer engagement and have worked in Surrey, Wiltshire, Shropshire and ‘Avon’ before coming to WWT. During 2004 I spent a year with Rural Development Agency working on Exmoor Environmentally Sensitive Area and Wessex Region Countryside Stewardship Schemes.

I have a Masters in Environmental Conservation from Glamorgan University however in my free time I am often found staring out of the window searching for orbiting raptors or cawing Mediterranean gulls…


At WWT I am Head of Working Wetland Landscapes where by working with partners look to maximize the benefits of wetlands as multifunctional habitats. Currently I am supporting the delivery of a Natural Flood Management Scheme in West Somerset where working with the local communities will result in increasing the amount of water stored within the landscape of two river catchments that could otherwise disrupt local village and towns through overtopping banks and flooding properties.

I am also developing opportunities with the Environment Agency’s River Thames and Oxford Flood Relief Schemes to increase the community understanding that creating new wetlands in the form of river channels will help to reduce flood risk.

Before this I was based on the Somerset coastline with the development of WWT Steart Marshes, working within the project team, taking idea and concept of this significant landscape scale wetland project to delivery of almost 500ha of nationally important habitat. I am still involved in Steart Marshes by promoting its multiple benefits in natural flood management and by encouraging investigation into the potential benefits to water quality improvement.


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