Wetland sites

Wetland sites

Our wetland sites underpin our conservation work. We create and maintain thousands of hectares of wetland habitat at our nature reserves, to support and protect endangered species.

A haven for migratory birds

In the UK, our position at the junction of continents and temperature zones makes us globally important for migratory birds, and WWT’s ten wetland sites across the country are set right at the heart of the action.

A sanctuary for species

Most of our wetland sites have collections of non-native wildlife telling the story of wetlands around the world. Some are part of international breeding programmes. Others test prototype tracking equipment for research. Our aviculturists develop unrivalled skills in rearing rare species – which they use to save species from extinction in the wild.

Bringing nature to everyone

Sir Peter Scott created the world’s first wetland centre at Slimbridge in 1946. He knew that being immersed in nature is good for us mentally and physically, as many studies have shown. So instead of fencing off our beautiful landscapes, we help you get closer to nature at our reserves.

Reserved for wildlife

Each of our wetland reserves has been carefully managed to help fight the decline of wildlife and the natural landscape. From grass length to tree height and pool depth, everything is considered with nature in mind. You’ll never look at a pond in the same way again.

WWT wetland sites in numbers

  • 10 WWT wetland reserves bring visitors and wildlife together around the most important substance in the world - water.
  • 3,000 hectares of prime wetland habitat are managed by WWT, much of it designated as nationally or internationally important for wildlife. We fence off as little as possible so you can get close to the action.
  • 1,000 volunteers from local communities bring wetland nature alive for visitors to our Wetland Centres, and help to monitor wildlife and maintain wetland habitats.
  • 450 staff, including experts in plants, animals, health and water management, help communities and wildlife to live in harmony with the natural environment.
  • 50,000 schoolchildren learn about water and the natural environment at our Wetland Centres every year, including 15,000 from disadvantaged areas through our free school visits scheme.
  • 200,000 WWT members support our work in the UK and around the world, as part of the WWT family.
  • 1 million visitors to our Wetland sites are invited to get close to nature and find that personal connection between yourself and nature – either on your own or sharing the experience with the people you love.

Explore our wetlands

Immerse yourself in the natural world and support our conservation work at one of our 10 sites across the UK.