Press and media

National press office

National, specialist and feature media enquiries and interview bids. Our spokespeople can speak on all wetland-related subjects including flood relief, habitat creation, water management, protecting wetland birds, bird watching and connecting people with nature. We can provide live radio inserts (using Luci Live) with the background atmosphere of wildfowl at our Slimbridge reserve.

Contact details

E: pressoffice@wwt.org.uk
T: 07920 151022 (Clara Wiggins)
T: 07884 001550 (Penny Read)

Wetland sites

For local/regional media and marketing enquiries for each of our nine Wetland Centres across the UK, please contact the relevant Marketing Manager.

Arundel Wetland Centre
Patricia Warren

Caerlaverock Wetland Centre
Faith Hillier
E: faith.hillier@wwt.org.uk

Castle Espie Wetland Centre
Sarah Fisher
E: sarah.fisher@wwt.org.uk

Llanelli Wetland Centre
Jessica Thompson
E: jessica.thompson@wwt.org.uk

London Wetland Centre
Angelica Teixeira
E: angelica.teixeira@wwt.org.uk

Martin Mere Wetland Centre
Victoria Fellowes
E: victoria.fellowes@wwt.org.uk

Slimbridge Wetland Centre
Samantha Luxa
E: samantha.luxa@wwt.org.uk

Washington Wetland Centre
Deborah Nolan
E: deborah.nolan@wwt.org.uk

Welney Wetland Centre
Emma Brand
E: emma.brand@wwt.org.uk