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Caerlaverock webcam

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Welcome to the Caerlaverock live webcams, operating 24 hours a day. From 8.30am to 5pm we will be streaming live images from swan cam at the whooper pond, watch out for the warden going out to feed the swans at 11am and 2pm. Overnight we will switch over to badger cam which has infra-red capability and will continue to show images after dark. Internet connectivity issues: Were currently experiencing internet connectivity issues on site and therefore apologise that our webcam is curren[...]


Slimbridge webcam

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Experience Caerlaverock Wetland Centre

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Get set for 1,400 nature-filled acres of amazing wildlife WWT Caerlaverock is the closest you can get to wild Whooper Swans anywhere in the UK! BECOME A MEMBER Were home to a pair ofbreeding ospreywhove successfullyreared 10 chicks since 2006. BECOME A MEMBER [...]


Meet our wildlife superstars

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An abundance of wonderful wild birds, wildflowers and insects Wintering geese and swans In October, tens of thousands of wild barnacle geese from Svalbard and hundreds of whooper swans fly in to winter with us on the Solway Firth, staying until March. Watch the action unfold from one of our four observation towers or grab a spot in our superb Sir Peter Scott Observatory to enjoy the remarkable wild swan feed. Feeding time 11am and 2pm is one feathery show not to be missed. [...]


Name a Whooper swan

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Name a Whooper swan and help to protect the future of this magnificent species! For just 50 name one of the whooper swans that visit Caerlaverock each year. You will receive annual updates, a certificate, soft toy, pin badge a complimentary ticket for a visit to one of our WWT Wetland Centres and a photo of your swan. All the proceeds will go to swan conservation and research work here at WWT Caerlaverock. To register your interest in naming a swan, please email Faith Hilli[...]



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Its a winter afternoon and the low sun is setting over the estuary. The call of a curlew drifts across the still water. This long billed wader is instantly recognisable by its long legs and distinctive down curved bill. The haunting call of Britains tallest wading bird is one of the most evocative sounds of our countryside and has inspired poets and songwriters from Dylan Thomas to Benjamin Britten. The UKs breeding population of curlews is of national importance, being estimated[...]


Peregrine Falcons at London

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Peregrine Falcons at WWT London Wetland Centre The camera is now trained on the nest ledge as the three Peregrine chicks are spending more time outside, stretching their wings and preparing to fledge. One of the most popular sights with visitors to WWT London Wetland Centre is a pair of peregrine falcons, Charlie and Tom, preening, bathing and drinking on the shingle islands in the main lake. On warm, sunny days the pair can often be seen for up to half an hour at a time. The peregrines are also regularly seen hunting here anything from pigeons to parakeets. They nest on nearby Charing Cross Hospital, the urban equivalent of their natural cliff-face nesting sites, as it is so close to London Wetland Centre which provides them with a good food supply. They are excellent parents, annually rearing a brood of chicks for the past few years. 2012 Footage from the Charing Cross Hospital Peregrines Mating Courtship This stream is kindly provided courtesy of Wildlife Whisperer. More wildlife webcams can be seen on the Wildlife Whisperer website