Seasonal Sights

With a fresh spring breeze in the air, I head towards Sharp's Lookout to try and get a glimpse of the black tailed godwit in breeding plumage that has been showing well recently on the Folly Pond.

Binoculars up, scanning the horizon with sunlight sparkling on the water, I see shoveler pairs in their do-si-do dance, swimming around in circles together to churn up food in a vortex. Their namesake bills shovelling up the catch.

Continuing my search, I hear the peewit call of lapwing, flopping around in flickering flight loops.

Focusing on an island, a flash of russet catches my eye. Here is the black tailed godwit with their summer feathers. Beautiful tones of red brown on their head and neck that continues into pretty patterning on their backs and wings. It is a treat to see them at this time of year, more numerous here in autumn and winter.

On my return, I pop into the Peter Scott Observatory and am delighted to see a couple iconic heralds of spring, as a mixture of sand martin and swallows have arrived from their migrations that have brought them here all the way from Africa.

Light-heartedly heading back to the Visitor Centre, I am treated to an encounter with a weasel, up it pops from a grassy bank near the gate. As quickly as I spot the wily character, it hops, scampers and slinks through the daffodils towards the Peter Scott Trail. Marvelling at how agile they are, I am left with a smile on my face, feeling truly happy for all the wonderful wildlife that make each season so special.

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