World Curlew Day

World Curlew Day (21 April) is a grass roots initiative that seeks to raise awareness of the plight of the curlew.

This iconic bird, so evocative of our wild and wet landscapes and beloved by poets, artists and musicians down the centuries, is now regarded as the most pressing bird conservation priority in the UK, where we hold a quarter of the world’s population.

That’s why at WWT, we’re so passionate about doing all we can to save this precious bird and ensure its haunting call can continue to be heard across our wetlands for generations to come.

Curlew Calling

This year we celebrated World Curlew Day by hosting an evening inspired by a love of curlews, music and nature with curlew champion Mary Colwell and singer-songwriter David Gray.

If you didn’t manage to catch the event or you would like to watch it again or share with friends, you can click on the recording below.

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Curlew seen through binoculars