Wetlands and wellbeing

Case studies

We know that whether it’s the vast vistas of our estuaries, the gentle stillness of a shimmering lake, or the dappled light of our wet woodlands, being around water has the power to comfort and heal us.

But don’t just take it from us….

For the participants of our nature-based wellbeing programmes, our wetlands have really helped improve their mental health.


"I really liked the fact it gave us lots of concrete ideas about how to connect with nature in our daily lives to help boost our mental health"

Q&A with Annie


"When you’re having a bad day and you’re struggling to even get out of bed, you can look forward to the workshop and being out in nature"

Q&A with Harune


"What the Blue Prescribing course has taught me is how very valuable nature is as an antidote to a lot of the stresses we have in our lives"

Q&A with Judith

"I find it really soothing and calming. You’re scanning the reedbeds and the surface of the water, or looking up at the sky trying to see what birds there are. "

Blue Prescribing course participant

Make the most of your visit to a wetland

Inspired to experience a wetland boost yourself? Our seasonal wellbeing guides, created in partnership with the Mental Health Foundation, provide lots of ideas of how you can get the most out of a trip to your local wetland.

Wondering where to get that wetland boost? Your nearest WWT wetland centre is a perfect place to discover nature’s healing power.