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Bright, brilliant and bizarre, the flamingo’s life is one of exotic landscapes, vast flocks and the very strangest of rituals. Yet they are in decline.

Around the world, flamingos are in decline and their wetland homes are coming under increasing threat. Human encroachment and disturbance of their feeding and breeding grounds, mining for minerals like lithium for use in batteries and climate change are all playing their part. Four of the six species are now of conservation concern, with the Andean flamingo the rarest.

Adopting a flamingo means we can continue our very successful breeding programme at WWT centres. Including building our pioneering artificial nest moulds that help our flamingos breed in just the same way as their cousins in the wild.

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  • A fantastic information pack, full of inspiring facts about this wonderful bird
  • Free entry voucher to any of our centres around the UK
  • Wonderful poster, iconic sticker sheet and personalised certificate
  • Cute cuddly toy
  • Two adoption updates a year full of fascinating stories on your adopted flamingo

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