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Adopt a goose

Curious, cute and friendly, the goose’s story is one of staggering migrations, extreme isolation and characteristics as weird and wonderful as the evolutionary niches they’ve evolved to fill. Yet they are under increasing threat.

Help our geese

WWT’s love affair with the goose started with the nene, or Hawaiian goose. In 1952 there were just 30 surviving in the world when WWT’s founder, Sir Peter Scott took action to save them. Now after 25 years of conservation, it’s still considered the world’s rarest goose, but there are more than 2,000 in the wild and they’ve been downgraded from Endangered to Threatened on the IUCN Red List. They are living proof that WWT’s work can bring a species back from the brink. But they and many other goose species still need our help.

When it comes to protecting and saving goose populations in the UK and around the world, WWT are experts. An adoption like yours will support our work to successfully reduce hunting of red-breasted geese, help us provide the perfect feeding conditions for our overwintering barnies at Caerlaverock and continue our high tech monitoring of threatened geese populations. It also means we can continue to perfect research and conservation techniques to help geese around the world and ensure the survival of the wetland habitats they so desperately need to thrive.

Adopt a goose

Minimum £3
Minimum £36

The term ‘have a gander’ comes from the distinctive way geese extend their necks to look this way and that. Next time you visit your nearest WWT centre, why not have a gander yourself at their fun, inquisitive characters.

When you adopt a goose, you'll receive

  • A fantastic information pack, full of inspiring facts about this wonderful bird
  • Free entry voucher to any of our centres around the UK
  • Wonderful poster, iconic sticker sheet and personalised certificate
  • Cute cuddly toy
  • Two adoption updates a year full of fascinating stories on your adopted goose

Adopt a goose today

Our geese never fail to amaze. Support our work to conserve these remarkable species.