Help us crack the curlew mystery!

A total of 50 headstarted curlews released at WWT Slimbridge in July could up sticks this winter.

As hoped, some of the young birds joined our resident wild populations on the reserve but their next steps remain unknown.

Young lowland curlews would usually be expected to spend the winter further down the Bristol Channel but with our project in its first year, no one can tell where our handreared birds will go. So we are appealing to you to share with us your encounters with these wonderful waders.

So far, most of the sightings have been recorded around Slimbridge but we have had two reported on the estuary near Oldbury Power Station and two across the Severn at Aylburton Warth.

All of these birds have been fitted with a yellow ring at the top of the right leg and a white ring with a number at the top of the left leg, to make them easier to identify.

Please include as much information as you can; date, time, location, ring number and what they were up to. Is it feeding? Is it in a high tide roost? We’d love to know. If you manage to capture a picture of the bird – even better!

All observations should be sent to

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