Internet problems

I'm sorry I have not updated this diary in the last week - we seem to have had a lot of internet connection problems on site and everything keeps crashing when I try to upload information. Fingers crossed the problem is sorted now.

The weekend was fantastic. There was a brown hare survey and they saw 9 hares and plenty of droppings so the group was very happy and we also had the Ben Osborne evening talk and workshops. I worked the Saturday evening and everyone said it was a fantastic talk so I am delighted with how it has gone. We are hoping to have a series of evening talks throughout the year, but if you have any suggestions of some great guest speakers, please forward them onto me.

Last week was very busy as I spent two days in the Centre Managers Meeting and one day discussing the designs of some new exhibits at Martin Mere. I was supposed to go to Slimbridge on Friday but I have been suffering from an ear infection so I decided not to go there and go to the doctors instead.  I am healthy again now and looking forward to the year ahead.

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