Lottery focus on 'incredible journey' learning experience

Funds raised by players of the People’s Postcode Lottery are helping school pupils understand the incredible journeys of migratory species of bird.

The sessions, entitled How We Can Help Migratory Birds, take their inspiration from the incredible Flight of the Swans journey which is currently underway. This project features WWT conservationist Sacha Dench flying alongside Bewick’s swans on their 7,000km migration from arctic Russia to the UK.

WWT Learning Advisor Lorna Fox says:

Our sessions aim to give pupils a greater understanding of the incredible journeys undertaken by migratory species, and also to show how individuals, classes or whole schools can help the birds to survive, now and into the future. Flight of the Swans has given us the opportunity to use Sacha’s story and to give a real bird’s-eye view of the whole migration process.

As well as following Sacha’s journey on the WWT’s Flight of the Swans website, schools will be provided with their own dedicated website where they can upload their own track, and use the data they collect to gain a greater understanding of the sites and habitat each species needs to survive.

Lorna adds:

The funds from the People’s Postcode Lottery have helped provide equipment including touch screens for each of the centres, as well as the dedicated website. These will add a real hands-on aspect to the sessions, and we’re very grateful for the support of the players of the People’s Postcode Lottery in enabling us to provide such a dynamic new learning experience.