WWT response to The Budget 2021

Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak today outlined the Government’s budget for the next year. Amongst the spending plans outlined were a £12bn investment in a new National Infrastructure bank, some of which would go to low-carbon projects, and the sale of new Green Bonds to investors.

Responding to this, Tom Fewins, WWT Head of Policy and Advocacy said:

“We broadly welcome the new measures announced by the Chancellor. If they are well designed and delivered, green bonds and the National Infrastructure Bank could play an important role in unlocking private sector investment in the green recovery the Prime Minister has promised.

“However, this does not fully address the shortfall in funding required to tackle climate change and biodiversity loss. As critical sources of natural capital, from drinking water to a huge variety of living things, we depend upon our wetlands for our prosperity and wellbeing, yet in England alone we have lost 90% of our wetlands and those that remain continue to degrade and decline.”

“We need a green recovery – but we need a blue recovery too. That means investing in wetlands. From storing carbon and reducing flooding to restoring wildlife and improving our own wellbeing, wetland creation is a fantastic way, value-for-money way to build resilient, prosperous communities for the future. For our future security and prosperity, we need a blue recovery.”

A Blue Recovery

100,000 hectares of wetlands, to fight climate change, restore our wellbeing and help nature recover.

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