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New handbook makes waves in the wetland world

Posted on 29 Oct 2018

Creating wetlands in cities around the globe just got easier, thanks to a new good practice manual launched this week at the Ramsar Convention in Dubai by WWT Consulting.

The handbook, created with Nanjing University Ecological Research Institute of Changshu, showcases successful examples of urban wetlands from all over the world including London Wetland Centre, Colombo City in Sri Lanka and Changshu City in China.

Covering wetlands of international importance, city waterscapes and even modest urban ponds, the book features invaluable planning, design and management advice needed for a thriving wetland.

WWT Consulting Associate Director Matt Simpson said:

We are collectively responsible for safeguarding the health of our wetlands in order to guarantee the vital role that they play in our lives. With this handbook, we hope wetlands everywhere will be winning.

By creating a new straightforward publication that illustrates valuable experiences and principles referencing 12 wonderful wetlands across four continents, we hope these practices will be widely adopted.

The handbook was born out of a result of discussions held at the workshop “Good practices for integrating urban development and wetland conservation” earlier this year. The aim was to share best practice examples and ideas on urban wetland design and management. The suggestions put forward at the workshop were then translated into a guidance manual.

The handbook can be found here.